In this team project, the online network Thrive was developed. Thrive is a network that connects people who need a way to rebuild and rehabilitate their lives with those who have specialized tasks that need to be done. The network sources its “task doers” through the use of charities that are focused on rehabilitating in-need populations, such as the homeless, the drug addicted, ex-convicts, and the learning differenced. A user posts the task that they need done, and the network will match acceptable “task doers” that have been vetted by charitable organizations to the job. In the end, the network allows individuals’ crowd sourcing needs to be fulfilled while helping members of the community get their lives back on track.


Thrive was developed by a group of four designers that followed a six step process:

1. Network and competitive analysis
2. Concept development
3. Potential User, Research
4. Business model generation
5. Mock-up development
6. Investment presentation seen above

You can see all of the detailed process that the team went through in the Process Book below.

Click on the center of the image to enter a full screen view.

Skills: Design Management, Website Design and Development